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Lifting and Rigging Solutions

PROMETRIC has a strong record in providing safe and cost effective solutions to lifting heavy equipment in the most remote areas using scaffolding structures

We bear extensive experience and expertise that allowed us to provide our clients with solutions for lifting operations. We take ownership by managing projects from site surveying and evaluation of risks, to proposing solutions and its execution taking into account clients concerns and constraints (such as POB, time delays, budgets and production objectives...)


Our integrated lifting solutions include:

The evaluation of Risks and their mitigation with Task Risk Assessments

The Provision of Complex Engineering Designs and Calculations of Load Bearing Scaffolding Structures using NASC recognised software

Scaffold design calculations are clear, precise and accurate. They are completed in accordance with current British and European Codes of Practice including BS EN 12811-1 (often using the guidance in NASC TG20:08), BS 5975:2008 and Eurocode 1. The design calculations are cross-referenced to the design drawings and design risk assessment so that they can be easily followed and interpreted. Where appropriate structural analysis software is used to assess the scaffold under applied load cases; this is either a 2D or 3D frame with characterised members, nodes and supports. Analysis software is never used in isolation - always as part of a wider calculation package.

The Provision of Lifting Plans and Method Statements

Lifting and Rigging Gear

Fully Comprehensive containerised Rigging Loft ready for mobilisation offshore. All gear is inspected, certified and colour coded

Experienced and Certified Riggers to Industry Standards