Zone Industrielle, Vridi
BPV 213 Abidjan 01

Safety is our Priority

The safety and health of our employees and the protection of the environment are our company’s greatest responsibilities.
Our solutions

International Standards in Local Environments

Access the most remote areas, Lift the heaviest equipment, Maintain Asset Integrity, by bringing International Standards in local environments
Our solutions

Bespoke Solutions to the Offshore Industry

In quality assurance a constant effort is made to enhance the quality practices in the organization.

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Russell Grant
CNRI SHE Adviser

"It is fair to say that in all my time spent in numerous areas of West Africa (Gabon, Nigeria, Cameroon, Ghana and of course Ivory Coast), I have not before come across a better more pleasurable, receptive and competent team than those you have provided for our operations” "

Our Clients

Prometric Engineering and Testing Services has specialized in providing Training and other support services to the Oil and Gas Industrie.


Bring international standards in local remote environments
in order to guarantee peoples safety