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Access Solutions

Every location to be accessed is treated as a single project where risks are evaluated and mitigated using the correct most suitable method of access in a safe and cost efficient manner. Access using scaffolding is in conformity with the Work At Height Regulations 2005. Access using Ropes is in conformity with IRATA Regulations.

Scaffolding Solutions

Erection of Temporary Scaffold Structures for Access

PROMETRIC is able to provide access to any remote area whether at heights or suspended, using the most suitable compliant scaffold material (BS Tubes/Fittings and Layher).
All our scaffolders are Trained, Certified and Experienced to the NASC recommendations, ensuring all scaffold are erected in the most effective and safe manner.
Erected structures are then inspected by a competent person to the WAHR 2005.

Scaffolding Inspections

Whilst offering this service to your company you would be safe in the knowledge that the scaffolding is fit for purpose and it complies with all current regulations. BS EN 12811 TG 20 :08.

Weekly Inspection reports by a fully trained Advanced Scaffolding Inspector (CITB) competent to sign off advanced design structures, with an important experience in the scaffolding industry.

The HSE states that any scaffold structure should be inspected every seven days or after adverse weather conditions. (BS EN 12811 TG 20:08)

The industry's introduction of classification for scaffold structures, TG 20:08 Basic Scaffold and Advanced scaffolds requiring an Advanced Scaffolding Inspector.

You will receive a fully detailed inspection report delivered within 24 hours of a site visit, out lining compliance or non-compliance of the structure. This report will state where if applicable any changes large or small that must take place within a specified time frame to avoid all potential risks and hazards contained on the structure.

A safety tag will be visibly hanged on the access way of the structure stating clearly whether the scaffold is SAFE or UNSAFE for use.

Inspection will include all ladders and staircase access, a full review of the Method Statements and Risk Assessments related to scaffold structure and will ensure a safe method of working for employees, self-employed 3rd party trades, and visitors who might be exposed to any hazards. Guidance and review of current practises, leading into the full introduction of TG 20:08.

We work in conjunction alongside Health & Safety Management offering advice and guidance to the scaffolding industry and maintaining a partnership with NASC and HSE and enforcing industries standard BS EN 12811/TG 20;08

Safety Bulletins updates:

  • NASC Technical Guidance TG 20
  • BS EN 12811/BS 1139
  • NASC SG4 05
  • Health & Safety at Work Act 1974
  • Working at Height Regulations 2005
  • Construction (Design & Management) Regs 2007
  • BS EN 13374 temporary edge protection Regs 2004

Complex Scaffolding Designs

Scaffold Design drawings are typically created as 2D in 1st Angle Projection with 3D detailing as necessary. They are produced to British drawing standards to ensure that they are clear and accurate. Design drawings are created using the latest Autodesk products in a range of sizes to suit the design from A0 to A4.

Complex Scaffolding Designs

Rope Access Solutions

Some areas are best accessed using Ropes techniques. Our technicians are IRATA certified and experienced.