Zone Industrielle, Vridi
BPV 213 Abidjan 01


PROMETRIC SERVICES is committed to provide the best possible working conditions for all of its employees. To accomplish this, the company complies with all current occupational health, safety and environmental laws and develops the best operations, procedures and policies to provide such conditions.

British Safety Council
Access the most remote areas, Lift the heaviest equipment, Maintain Asset Integrity, by bringing International Standards in local environments

The safety and health of our employees and the protection of the environment are our company’s greatest responsibilities.Management considers these responsibilities to be part of every employee’s performance.

All Prometric employees are directed to take a pro-active stance in initiating and maintaining a safe and healthful working environment.

The company defines safe operating procedures designed to exceed all appropriate legal requirements and to meet industry best operating practices.The company participates with all clients and other authorities in developing standards promoting the image of the industry.

Health,Safety,and environmental aspects of our operations shall always be considered as being equally important as other business objectives.

Management, therefore, will provide the incentive and full support of all safety procedures and training to maintain a healthy, safe, and environmentally sound and reliable operation.

Everyone’s commitment and contribution will be required in order to maintain the high standard of integrity established by this policy. The good judgement and common sense of our people are needed to assure that our safety efforts add value. We must foster an open, positive work environment,where trust exists and all are willing to identify and resolve problems.

Prometric Services is committed to assuring the safety of its operations. All employees and contractors, regardless of rank or position should be willing and feel free to stop any job which they deem unsafe or when doubts arise. Work shall commence once the safety of the operation can be assured.

We ought to continually promote and reinforce this ethic by setting the example and making our expectations well known.

Through deployment of this policy, Prometric shall strive for excellence in quality, health, safety and environment as a key driver to sustainable future and building relationship of mutual trust with the customers, employees, suppliers, and the community it serves.

Mohamed NEHME
Managing Director