Complex Design

Complex Scaffold Design Drawings

Scaffold Design drawings are typically created as 2D in 1st Angle Projection with 3D detailing as necessary. They are produced to British drawing standards to ensure that they are clear and accurate. Design drawings are created using the latest Autodesk products in a range of sizes to suit the design from A0 to A4.



Scaffold design calculations are clear, precise and accurate. They are completed in accordance with current British and European Codes of Practice including BS EN 12811-1 (often using the guidance in NASC TG20:08), BS 5975:2008 and Eurocode 1. The design calculations are cross-referenced to the design drawings and design risk assessment so that they can be easily followed and interpreted. Where appropriate structural analysis software is used to assess the scaffold under applied load cases; this is either a 2D or 3D frame with characterised members, nodes and supports. Analysis software is never used in isolation - always as part of a wider calculation package.


“It is fair to say that in all my time spent in numerous areas of West Africa (Gabon, Nigeria, Cameroon, Ghana and of course Ivory Coast), I have not before come across a better more pleasurable, receptive and competent team than those you have provided for our operations”
Russell Grant
CNRI SHE Adviser