Our company is committed through its workforce to provide customer service satisfaction by completing contracts on time, safely, within budget and to the required standards.

Our client database includes


  • Schlumberger

  • CNR International

  • BW Offshore


  • KCA Deutag


BWO-Swivel Upgrade Project
20M High Load Bearing Scaffold

PROSAFE MGC B Cooler replacement
Scaffold Bridge designed and built to sustain coolers of up to 4.5 T that needed to be replaced

BWO - Main Gas Booster Coolers Replacement

Modec - PORT Side Crane Boom Replacement

Modec - STB Side Crane Boom Replacement

Modec - Special Survey - Tank Steel Repair


“It is fair to say that in all my time spent in numerous areas of West Africa (Gabon, Nigeria, Cameroon, Ghana and of course Ivory Coast), I have not before come across a better more pleasurable, receptive and competent team than those you have provided for our operations”
Russell Grant
CNRI SHE Adviser