PROMETRIC OFFSHORE SERVICES is a dynamic company, primarily serving the offshore industry. We are dedicated to protecting your assets by providing solutions that keep your operations running safely, efficiently and effectively at all times. Our Vision is to be the leading solution provider and partner for the upstream oil and gas industry in the region.

Prometric's Philosophy is built around four core values

1- Anticipate risks and clients’ needs by engineering optimal safe, economical and timely solutions

2- Comply with all relevant laws and regulations, international industry standards and best safety practices, in order to maintain our reputation and protect the client’s assets

3- Hire certified and experienced workforce and promote local manpower
with internationally recognised training.

4- Build trustworthy and transparent relationship with our clients


“It is fair to say that in all my time spent in numerous areas of West Africa (Gabon, Nigeria, Cameroon, Ghana and of course Ivory Coast), I have not before come across a better more pleasurable, receptive and competent team than those you have provided for our operations”
Russell Grant
CNRI SHE Adviser